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A Focus on Wellness Employer

Get rewarded for making healthy choices

Healthy and productive employees give your company a competitive advantage. Now with our Achieve Well-being program, engaging your employees to maintain healthy behaviors is even easier through activities, communications, incentives, and interactive technology.

Enhanced Online Well-being Program that motivates employees

Empower your employees with our enhanced Achieve Well-being tools at and on the IBX mobile app. These tools complement our Worksite Well-being program, and when combined, add a more in-depth level of employee engagement.

Achieve Well-being integrates with technology like mobile apps and digital health trackers, to create a personal well-being journey. Your employees can track their healthy behaviors in a way that is simple, easy, and fun.

Integrated tools to engage healthy behaviors

To get started, your employees should complete an NCQA-certified Well-being Profile. This easy to use health survey gives employees a snapshot of their current health and health history, lifestyle habits, and risk factors. From the results, they create a personalized Action Plan. Employees can choose from numerous personal challenges and lifestyle programs in specific focus areas to help employees meet their goals. They can track their progress through their own personalized dashboard that is unique to them.

Your employees will have a variety of focus areas to choose from:

  1. Physical Activity
  2. Sleep
  3. Nutrition
  4. Stress management

Additionally, employees can choose to focus on Depression prevention, financial well-being, responsible drinking, becoming tobacco-free, or emotional well-being.

To help you introduce and promote Achieve Well-being to your employees, we’ve included a marketing collateral library that you can customize for the needs of your workforce.