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A Focus on Wellness Employer

Help your employees thrive

Keeping your employees engaged is the key to a successful program. That’s why our employee well-being platform provides access to a full range of services and programs based on four focus areas: getting active, eating better, boosting energy, and feeling empowered.

Be active

Provide ways for employees to get and stay active at their various levels of fitness. Motivate people by showing that anyone can start being more active wherever they are in their health journey.

Be nourished

Promote healthy eating habits and food preparation tips to ensure a balanced diet, assist with weight loss goals, or encourage people to try new things.

Be energized

Educate and provide resources for stress reduction, energy management, brain health, sleep, and enhanced resiliency.

Be empowered

Help employees take control of their life across the board, whether financially, managing a chronic condition, balancing family priorities, or understanding biometric screening results.

Vendor directory

Whether in-person, virtually or on-demand, you can choose from a single-vendor solution or multiple vendors for à la carte services. The directory below shows each available vendor, and details their offerings. Simply look for each area’s symbol. Then, click on the box to expand the vendor’s contact information.


Do It Better Wellness

eMindful, a Wondr Health Company

Health Advocate

Health Fitness Connections

HealthWell Solutions

Healthy Measures

HUSK Nutrition


On the Goga

Onsite Health Diagnostics


ProLifestyle Nutrition

Ramp Health

The Rising Workplace

Simplex Wellness (formerly HealthEase)

Utopia Wellcare


Wellness Concepts

Working Wellness