Purpose guides life decisions, influences behavior, shapes goals, offers a sense of direction, and creates meaning. Leading a purposeful life is directly related to both health and happiness, and it has a major impact on our well-being.

Complete the following activities with your employees that can help you get started on your corporate journey to a stronger purpose at your worksite.

Purpose Well-being Resources

The Chalkboard Experiment

The objective of this challenge is to help employees reflect on life, identify their talents, skills, and barriers, share their personal aspirations, and discover their true purpose in life.

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Gratitude Jar Challenge

Keeping a Gratitude Jar is a powerful way to create positive changes within your life. Plus, it's a simple exercise. The idea behind this simple jar is to encourage employees to jot down good things that happen throughout the year. It's a great way to remember to celebrate the little things.

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"Beaning" Mindful

Being mindful and focusing on the moment can help us rest our minds and refresh our spirit while completing daily tasks efficiently. The Bean Game is a great way to help your employees focus on the task at hand and manage the additional stress of time-sensitive projects by stepping back, breathing deeply, and focusing.

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We Believe in Us

This activity can help you and your employees align with how their core values and beliefs to define your company to make it an inclusive employee experience. This can be done globally or within each specific department as a team-building exercise.


Corporate Volunteering

Volunteering with corporate colleagues is a great way to increase socialization as well as find purpose in volunteering for your local community.

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Mentoring Program

Encourage your employees to mentor students, young professionals or colleagues as a way to find purpose while giving back to their community.

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Blood Drive

Help your employees focus on their purpose in the community by hosting an onsite blood drive with the American Red Cross. Hosting a blood drive with the American Red Cross is a partnership where everyone wins.

  • Organizations gain goodwill from their community and build morale and camaraderie as their members work together for a good cause.
  • Blood donors feel good about giving back together with colleagues, friends or peers.
  • The Red Cross is better able to fulfill its mission of ensuring the availability of a safe and reliable blood supply.
  • Patients in the community and across the nation receive the gift of life.

Visit the American Red Cross for details on how to partner with them in hosting a blood drive at your organization.